Ultimate Steak Searing Set

Cook the perfect seared steak using the ProQ Afterburner, and Chimney starter!

Made from sainless steel so they won't rust or fall apart on you this combo is ideal for camping or when you just want to get that flame grilled taste.

The Afterburner Grill from ProQ will allow you to get that perfect sear on your steak by allowing you to cook at super high temps with ease! Simply light a full Chimney Starter, wait for the coals to be lit (grey/white in colour), then place the grill on top and give it 5 minutes to heat up. Cook your steak 3-4 minutes each side for medium rare or to taste. (Cooking time will vary). Clean using warm soapy water and a scourer - air dry and coat lightly with oil to prevent tarnishing.

  • Allows you to cook the perfectly seared steak on a Chimney Starter!
  • Made from High Quality 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Fits most popular charcoal chimney starters (170mm DIA).
  • Laser cut from 3mm thick Stainless Steel Plate for durability and heat retention.

The new & improved Charcoal Chimney Starter from ProQ is much larger and tougher than before. New improved handles, thicker walls and increased capacity guarantee you won't be disappointed!

  • Assembled Dimensions (W x L x H) - 190 x 290 x 320mm *Materials - 1.5mm Stainless steel, high heat PVC handles *Weight - 2.72KG

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