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Smoking dust is mainly used for cold smoking as it smoulders nice and slowly and doesn't create much heat.  Smoking Dust can be used for BBQ'ing and hot smoking but you are better using either chunks or chips.

Using only premium wood naturally dried for 6 - 18 months to maintain the natural flavour and sugars with the correct moisture to produce a consistent and reliable burn.

Mixing 2 or more dusts together like Oak, Hickory & Maple for a mixture of flavours.

Your Smoking wood should be free from mould, pesticides, rot, mildew and other impurities which can contain toxins.  These nasties can impart unusual flavours which you certainly don't want transferring via the smoke onto your food.

If the smoking wood you are using is either "green" unseasoned or has too much moisture in your Smoking Wood this will produce too much smoke when burning which can impart bitter flavours during cooking.

If the wood has been commercially kiln dried or has been dried out too much all the natural sugars and flavours can be destroyed so you will not fully benefit from the great flavours that the wood naturally produces.   Kiln Dried or dried wood will also burn more quickly therefore you will use a lot more wood, so basically  either one will ruin you food and cost you more money in the long run.

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