5 BBQ Planks (Cedar, Cherry, Hickory, Alder, Maple) - 5.25" x 11"

Wood has been used for centuries to flavour fish, meat, vegetables and fruit over an open fire. The Pacific Northwest natives traditionally cooked wild salmon from the Columbia River by smoking a whole salmon on a Cedar or Alder wood plank in front of a fire, and now planking is used in outdoor cooking all over the world.

Cedar, Maple, Cherry, Alder and Hickory.

The Art of Planking is all about experimenting with different wood flavours, choosing different liquids in which to soak your wood, deciding on your cooking methods and preparing your favourite food to create your own unique wood smoky recipes.

All our products are made in the USA, Food Safe and FSC certified.

Contains 5 planks - 5.25" x 11"

Cedar: the traditional wood, Western Red Cedar is perfect for smoking your salmon as well as adding cedar sweet spiciness to fruits and vegetables.

Cherry: a subtle mild, fruity flavour and is excellent for poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit. Smoking in Cherry gives a fantastic colour and a subtler, sweeter smoky flavour.

Hickory: a rich, smoky flavour and is terrific with red meat, game and poultry. Quite a strong smoking wood and is very popular in the US.

Alder: a light sweet flavour that works well with fish and poultry. Indigenous to the north western United States, it is a very versatile wood flavour and great for experimenting with.

Maple: smoky, mellow and slightly sweet taste. Excellent with pork, poultry, cheese and game.

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