BBQ Guru PartyQ Controller - Ceramic Adaptor for Classic/LeCHEF


Control your temperature -- master your BBQ! Cook tender, juicy, and delicious BBQ every time with the PartyQ temperature control device. 

 Whether you’re a beginner or a professional pitmaster, the PartyQ takes the guesswork out of barbecuing. The high-tech, portable control solves the two most common problems of cooking outdoors: regulating your grill’s temperature and accurately monitoring your food temperature. Maintaining low and even temperatures is key for success, but a challenge for even the most experienced pitmasters.

The PartyQ fixes these problems by giving you automatic oven-like temperature precision. 

Simply plug the battery powered PartyQ (4 AA batteries) into the MONOLITH and set the desired temperature. The PartyQ constantly controls the target temperature. The digital thermometer sends the measured values to the control unit. With the fan, the required amount of oxygen is blown into the MONOLITH. Ideal for long jobs overnight, with large quantities of meat in the grill and for barbecue competitions.

Scope of supply: BBQ Guru PartyQ, control unit with integrated fan, sensor for cooking temperature, adapter for the supply air opening and operating instructions.

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