Memphis BBQ Pig Rub

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Great all-purpose BBQ pork rub. This BBQ rub features the sweet caramel of Muscovado rich garlic, paprika, and gentle heat of a little cayenne and black pepper that have been the cornerstone of Memphis BBQ. Although it’s made for pork, I’ve used it with success on salmon, chicken, and even pineapple. It’s carefully formulated for flavour, colour, and to form the proper crust (bark) when cooked low and slow.

 Fantastic solo and truly stunning when paired with Memphis Red sauce.

Allergens: None

How to use it: This rub is exceptional on pork, chicken, and ribs. Sprinkle it on heavily, rub over, and cook over indirect heat. When grilling or in a pan keep a watchful eye out for charring or scorching. Move the meat to a cooler spot, remove the pan, or turn down the oven if it looks like it might burn.

Type: Rubs

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