Korean BBQ Sauce

It’s BBQ Sauce but not as you know it. This sauce is sweet, sticky, spicy, savoury, and totally addictive you will want to try it on everything. An authentic mix of Soy, Gochujang, Spring Onions, and aromatic ginger it's a must for that authentic KFC (that's Korean Fried Chicken).

Use as a

  • Excellent stir-fry sauce
  • Shredded duck pancakes or
  • As a dip sauce for chicken and spring rolls.
  • Glaze pork belly or ribs for an incredible flavourful crust.
  • Brush onto salmon fillets just before finishing
  • Brush on to BBQ prawns
  • Yummy with Steak
  • Makes yummy Vegetarian meals

It's versatile! It's delicious on chicken, pork, salmon, prawns and vegetables!

It packs a lot of flavour. You really only need a little bit on whatever food it is you’re cooking Or just use as a dip.

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