Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate

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Size: 20x16x3cm Each plate Weight: 2.5 kg

Himalayan salt blocks – also known as Himalayan salt plates – are an exciting way of seasoning and serving food. The dusky pink Himalayan rock can be slowly heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. The tight crystal lattice in the Himalayan salt block means that it holds its temperature for long periods of time – to the extent that the salt block can be used to fry fish, or keep ice cream chilled. Most excitingly, the Himalayan salt block is rich in mineral salt, which flavours – or even cures – the food served on the salt plate. Try presenting slivers of sashimi on the salt plate, and watch it start to cure at the table. Another option is to slowly heat the salt block in the oven, and use it to fry scallops, or even an egg in front of guests. The salt block is also great when chilled in the freezer, and used to present ice cream – toffee, chocolate and caramel flavours work particularly well with the block’s saltiness. Please note: The salt plates are a natural product and do vary slightly in colour. Because salt plates are made of salt and not stone, and need to be heated and cooled extremely carefully, we can't guarantee against cracking during heating. For best practise, see more details in the article cooking scallops on a Himalayan salt plate.

Chilling Food: Put the Himalayan crystal salt plate in the refrigerator or freezer for 1-1 ½ hour for make it cold when it enough cold after serve the salads, fruit and vegetables. Salt plates can keep its cold temperature for 1-2 hours.

Cooking Hot Food: Put the Himalayan salt plate in the oven or on grill at high temperature after 10-15 minutes take it out and put the fish or meet on it and out back to oven or on grill for cooking. If you want you can serve the hot food on salt plate.

Only for Serving: put the Himalayan salt plate on oven for 15-20 minutes and make it hot on high temperature after take it out and put it on cooked grill meat or fish for gating real taste and smell of Himalayan salt in your food.

Cleaning Tip: After cooking or serving wait until it’s come on normal temperature then clean the food gently from salt plate. After cleaning waste food wipe it with wet warm towel gently without any additional cleaning liquid. You can use salt plates again and again.

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