Competition Drum

This drum is our standard design and is very popular with BBQ Competition teams. Made from a new flat sided MS drum measuring 583W x 886H. The various accessories that are fabricated for the drum will make these dimensions larger. The air inlet pipes and dampers at lid height make is very user friendly and stable. The fire basket when fully loaded will give average cook times of 15 hours, with the basket being able to be used to Sear meat if need be, like an After Burner. The charcoal basket has a built in ash pan, so cleaning out  after a cook is easy. Heavy duty, laser cut heat deflector helps to keep temps stable after the lid has been opened, and helps radiate heat evenly through the drum.  Two cooking grill surfaces are provided. Standard analogue temp stat, and beer bottle opener. 16mm grommet for leads.  Four wheel carriage with brakes makes moving  the drum around easy. The off centre exhaust has a smoke diffuser inside the drum which is used to balance the heat between the front and back of the drum.Hinged lid with lock. Male 1/2” nipple with cap, to allow for fan controller.  Stainless Steel spring front handle with Hog Heaven BBQ initials.  Powder coating finish available in Ultra high temp Satin Black 650C, or high temp gloss Deep Red RAL0000, or high temp gloss Deep Blue RAL0000, both rated at 180C. 

One of the features of all our drums is that all the custom parts are drilled and installed  before powder coating, so there are no bare holes to rust or deteriorate.  Drilling through a finished surface significantly increases the risk of failure, and deterioration. 

Our drums are very airtight, after a cook, when all dampers are closed the charcoal basket will extinguish itself in 20 minutes, and the drum will be cool to touch within the hour. 

Lead time approx 5-10 days depending on current demand.

Type: UDS

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