Our drums are still referred to as UDS, but there is nothing ugly about them, our drums are the Ultimate Drum Smoker.  These beautifully engineered smokers come powder coated to high standard and are fully loaded with wheel carriage, hinge, extended run charcoal basket and hotbox,  & heat deflector. Don’t be confused with inferior basic versions. You will see the top competing U.K.  BBQ team competing all over Europe using our drums. The drums are designed for both professional caterers and home users alike, they are very easy to learn how to use, and very forgiving. Because of their efficient design and high build quality you can get 15hours burn time out of one charcoal basket. 

For caterers or business owners, you can personalise your drums with external drum branding and your logo heat deflectors and grills. 

Wether  you are  new to BBQ and fancy improving your smoking ability, or are a professional caterer turning out smokey goodness every week- you can raise your game by ordering an Ultimate Drum Smoker.