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Reaver's Ghost Chilli Buffalo Sauce 150ml

Originally created in Buffalo, NY in 1964 Buffalo Sauce or Buffalo Wings Sauce as it is commonly known.

Now what's a wing sauce? It’s the stuff you toss wings with right after cooking them.

We start with Frank's Red Hot Sauce, real butter, spices, and then blend Ghost Chilli's (Bhut Jolokia) the original super-hot chilli to give it a kick.

The Ghost Chilli is famous for being the first of the super hot chillies rated at 1.1 million scoville units or SHU's, and what you find it that the heat is different from other chillies.

Unlike other hot sauces we don't use capsicum extract but real chillies both for flavour and no chemical after taste. Then we pack in as much flavour as we can not just heat because there no point if you cannot taste anything.

Larger 150ml bottle.

Allergens: Dairy, Barley, Fish

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