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Yuzu Sweet BBQ Glaze

Yuzu Sweet BBQ Glaze

After our first year as KCBS judges we realised we needed to create a finishing sauce to give that luscious gloss finish to BBQ ribs and chicken. But we didn't want to create not just any BBQ glaze we wanted to create the best. Using only natural ingredients the citrus tang of Yuzu from Japan, Blossom Honey for sweetness, cherries, and a blend of the finest spices to create the only finishing sauce you will ever need. 

How to use it:  This is a sweet and sour glaze, that's a little more glossy than our barbecue sauces. This makes it perfect to smother over ribs, chicken, meats and vegetables or to serve as a sweet dipping sauce for everything else. Use as a glaze to create a gloss finish by brushing on or pouring over.

Allergens: None

27th Best Specialty BBQ Sauce in the world at the American Royal out of 388 entries

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