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Dallas Lone Star Pepper Rub

Dallas Lone Star Pepper Rub

Great Taste Awards 2017 GOLD star winner.

Nothing defines Texas BBQ more than beef or brisket to be precise, and in the smoke houses of Dallas they keep the seasoning's simple just salt and black pepper.

Here at FireFly we couldn't leave it at just that! We wanted to make something truly special using only the best premium ingredients that we could source, and after a long search we found some incredible ingredients. Great Taste 2 star Kadode Kampot Organic Black pepper, and Organic White pepper from Sri Lanka, Himalayan Pink Salt, and Hungarian Paprika make this a truly remarkable BBQ rub.

Kadode Kampot Pepper is some of the best pepper in the world used in michalen star resteraunts, and top chefs like Rick Stein, Anthony Bourdaine.

Himalayan Pink Salt is from crystalized sea salt beds from millions of years ago, and free from modern pollution, anit caking agents, iodine, and processing.

Hungarian Paprika has a bright red colour and a distinctive rich flavour that allowed Hungary to became one of the leading producers in the world.

This rub is great with beef, pork, and meat fish like tuna.

Allergens: None

47th Best Mild BBQ Rub in the world at the American Royal out of 196 entries.

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