Cold Smoking, Wood Chips & Dust

Whisky BBQ Wood Smoking Chips

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented grain such as barley malt, wheat, rye and corn and subsequently left to age in oak barrels, usually using white oak. After preparation, the barrel is emptied so that the taste and smell of the whiskey remain captured in the wood

These barrels are turned into wood chips, which connect the quality of oak with the character of this drink, resulting in an ideal product to add spice to food cooked or grilled in or gas ovens.

The Whiskey adds a certain strength to steak, reinforces food hydration, giving them a different colour, taste, aroma and amazing flavour. 

During the roast:

For coal or wood barbecues:

Once prepared grilled directly add a handful of chips. Place the grill and you start cooking.

For gas barbecues:

Before lighting the barbecue place in his front left corner (below the cooking grate) wet wood chips on a plate / sheet foil. Place the grill, light the barbecue and you can start cooking.
To optimize the cooking process is recommended to close the lid of the barbecue.

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