Cold Smoking, Wood Chips & Dust

Brandy BBQ Smoking Chips

Brandy is a drink with a high alcohol content between 36-40°, obtained by distilling wine. Its design is based on the heating and evaporation of the alcohol in the wine, and subsequent recovery of the brandy in oak barrels. After preparation, the barrel is emptied so that the taste and smell of liquor remains captured in the wood.

Barrels are turned into chips, which are soaked with brandy and give a special flavour that is perfect for barbecues  or gas ovens.

The Brandy is ideal for any course by giving different colour, flavour and taste to food.

How to use:

Before cooking, soak your wood chips in water for about 30-60 minutes.

Charcoal Barbecues: Add a handful of pre-soaked chips onto your hot charcoal, spread it around to get an even smoke. The more chips – the more smoke!

Gas Barbecues: Follow your gas barbecue instructions.


Product: Wooden staves made from French, American and European oak used in the great Wineries from Spain for producing wines and spirits.

Composition: Oak chips from Brandy barrels.

Presentation: Plastic bag.

Weight: 360g

Product recommended for: Barbecue Gas barbecue

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