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Memphis Pulled Pork Set

Perfect Pulled Pork Box

Everything you need for perfect pulled pork or sticky ribs: Memphis pig rub marinade, and Memphis Red Sauce.

Memphis Red Sauce 268ml

In Memphis and places further East, they prefer their sauce to be plenty tangy, but also just a little sweet and spicy. This sauce combines apple cider vinegar, dark brown sugar, and a special blend of spices to give you the right flavour combination for your Memphis style pulled pork, BBQ Ribs or just anything that goes on the grill. Just like being in Memphis.

Memphis Pig Rub 175ml

The most versatile rub ever! Perfect for pulled pork or Memphis style ribs its smoky sweet flavour will be a firm favourite at any BBQ! This rub packs a flavour punch that you won’t forget (nor will you want to)! Fantastic solo and truly stunning when paired with Memphis Red sauce, this rub works with any meat, fish, vegetable or even fruit!

This rub gets its name from the Memphis love of pork and rubbing the BBQ spices on to rib, pork shoulder or anything from the hog this rub is a true taste of Memphis.

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