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California BBQ Rub and Sauce Set

FireFly's California BBQ Rub and Sauce Set

At the family barbecue pleasing everyone is no easy task, but packed full of flavour and natural ingredients your off to barbecue heaven. Whether your cooking chicken, beef, pork, or lamb our versatile rub goes with everything, and our classic mild sauce is made with apple juice, and less sugar so you can please sweet tooth's without feeling guilty. Everyone from old to young will enjoy this versatile BBQ Sauce & Rub pack with flavour and wholesome ingredients.

Santa-Maria Seasoning Rub

Our new Santa Maria Seasoning Rub is our riff on the Californian classic. We've taken the fabled Santa Maria Grilling seasoning and elevated it to new levels. Rich garlic, paprika and rosemary combined with just the right amount of natural sea salt and other special herbs and spices for the perfect salty/savoury/spicy balance. You've never experienced just how good BBQ can be until you have tried this rub on your favourite cut of beef. Tri-tip, brisket, rib eye cap, hanger steaks, sirloins, even grilled seafood, vegetables, pork and chicken are greatly enhanced with this rub.

California Apple BBQ Sauce

California Apple BBQ sauce combines sweet apple juice, apple purée, with Muscovado sugar, and a blend of spices that complements any BBQ meal. Ideal for those that don’t want it too spicy, but don’t want to compromise on flavour it has everything you would expect from the Golden State.

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